Anyone familiar with anime will, at one point or another have encountered the genderbender. For those who haven’t, it’s a male character turned female, or vice-versa. Most well-known example would be Ranma 1/2. It generally turns out to be pretty damn decent entertainment, because the things that crop up tends to be funny. So, today in the anime society we watched a show called Kampfer. Funny show, definitely recommended, judging by the first episode, anyway. The main character, a boy, is transformed into a magical girl. Yes, you read that right. And of course it’s funny.

However, genderbenders have one large, inherent problem. These are drawn characters, which gives a few options. And these are japanesse drawings, so of course they go all the way. Or to put it plainly, the female versions in gender benders tends to be god-damn hot! But at the same time, they are boys, so there’s all kinds of wrongness in there. And so, wrongness is taken new and interesting places.

When you finish watching a genderbender show, especially if you marathon it, there will come a point when the fact that that character is a girl gets tuned out and you just find that that girl’s hot.  Yeah, the show brain-washes you. And a little later, you realize the show tricked you. Brain-bleach nao, please?

Writing blog while drunk… best idea ever, by the way.


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