What we learned

First semester at uni is now over, and it’s time to look over what was learnt in the past few months. So, without further ado, here’s the list:

1) Couches are awesome. You do not realize just how awesome they are until you don’t have ready access to one any more. When I get home, the sofa corner is mine, and I won’t move my ass from it for at least a day. (I wish.)

2) Starting on the essay three days before the deadline… is not very good time management.

2b) When the essay deadline approaches, everything becomes secondary to the essay. That includes food and sleep.

3) Do not try to light beer on fire. It won’t work and you risk hurting your fingers.

4) What seems like a good idea in the middle of the night, after a few beers… might turn out to not be such a great idea after all.

4b) No-pants (skirts optional) Mondays is a good idea any time of day, no matter how drunk you are. Yes Marius, that applies to you, too.

5) If you are sleep deprived, seminars will have you nodding off, even after several cans of your energy drink of choice.

6) I did mention that couches are awesome, right?

7) Sleep is for lesser beings.

8 ) Pan-pizzas are your friend, now make an altar.

9) Summoning Dagon does not work. Not even on Halloween.

10) You will always forget something. Like how I just forgot the rest of the list. Go me!

As you can probably guess from the list, it’s been a nice few months.



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