What do I actually do?

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It might be time for a post about what I actually do.

I’m a writer, or at least I like to fancy myself one. My preferred genre is known as cosmic horror and it’s many variants. For the uninitated, cosmic horror is very basically about human insignificance, mostly expressed through really big monsters that will drive you mad when you see them. The most well-known author in the genre is H.P. Lovecraft.

What I like about the genre is the way it allows you to get away without showing the monsters or explaining anything about what’s going on. Instead of my having to detail a monster, and thus taking away the mystique, I just give enough for the reader to have a general picture and leave the rest to their imagination.  In short, I let people know there are things that go bump in the night, things that bump very, very hard, but don’t say anything about just what it is.

Right now I’m working on two short stories with the aim of getting published and one longer story to keep me focused. The long one is a piece of crap, but it gives me something to do,  so I don’t fall out of the routine when I odn’t have anything else. Juggling the three makes sure I don’t get tired of any one of them. In addition, I tend to write short stories for the general entertainment of the forums I’m on, both of which are listed among the links on the right.

After a few trial run, I, like so many before me, have found that a routine is all-important. For me, that means getting up, getting clothed, eating breakfast, brewing something hot to drink (mostly tea) and then settling down for an hour or two. I do that every day, except for Sundays. Got to have a day off.

So there’s the short version of what I do.

~Grammer, Most Loquatious Lord of Syntaxed Vocabularies.


The wonder of stars.

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Was planning something serious, but.

Look outside. See those stars (I most asuredly can’t. Fucking clouds.)? Buggles!

Wasn’t talking about those stars anyway. Ever knocked your head really hard? I most assuredly have. It’s a most wonderful feeling. Everything swims and you can’t really see anything because it’s all foggy. That’s when the stars come out.  Apart form the accompanying nausea, they are very nice.

Pretty little stars.

Goes to show you shouldn’t blog while drunk. Reminds me of some good old concussions. And makes me want to get another one, and that would be downright stupid, you know.

Grammer, the Everloving God of Casual Beers.

Make the most of it.

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Your time here in life is pitifully short, O puny mortal. Make the most of it while you can.

~Grammerlahotep, Messenger of Despair and Bringer of Cookies.

Horrid Humour

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A while ago I came upon a rather special kind of comedy. It was based around extreme violence. Now, comedic violence is not all that unsual. Indeed, we have a name for it, slapstick. What separates this particular show from your usual slapstick is that it wasn’t about funny violence. No, it got it’s humor from extreme brutality.

The show in question is called Dai Maho Touge, and it’s a magical girl parody. Unlike most animes, this show is not based around over-the-top fights. Instead, there’s just loads and loads of broken bones. I think the reason the show is funny is that you either laugh, or you cry. Yes, it’s that brutal.

Now, where am I going with this? I must admit, I don’t really have any plans. However, I think laughter isn’t just about appreciating something funny or socialising. It’s also used as a coping mechanism. Not really new thoughts, those, just figured I’d mention it.

as might have been noted, I’m a writer. Guess that’s the reason I think too much about such things. Ok, I’m really not going anywhere with this…

Just figured this observation could come in handy for writers. If you’re desperate to be funny, write something so horrible that people can only laugh. Come to think of it, it’s a pretty wide-spread mechanic. Those of you who read “Looking for Group” should be familiar with it. you find Richard funny, right? Consider what he’s actually doing. Still funny?

So yeah, humans are weird.

~Grammer, Humorous Monarch of the Lands Beyond Man.


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I’ve come up with a great idea. I’m going to try and see how long I can manage without sleep before I  collapse. Might ave had some ideas about making it a bit more interesting than that one sentence, but I’m too wooly too think of anything.

so yeah, the biggest consequence is a certain lack of thinking. Not that anyone will notice the difference. Now If you’ll excuse me, I’ll just go back to the video games. They work, at least till I can get my hands on an energy drink.

~Grammer, The Ever Wakeful Lord OF The Netherrealms.

Truth and TRUTH!

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Puny Earthling, behold the truth and cover in your stinky little hole!

There’s truths, like “Hey man, i’m telling the truth here!” truths. Those are unversally boring and will not be considered in this. They are just sooo boring and1980s.

But then there’s TRUTHS! Yes, in capitals and with an exclamation mark. Those are the TRUTHS you don’t want to know, because they are scary. Oh yes, the scary TRUTHS! are coming to get you. So run away little earthling, lest the great ones comes and shows you how things are.

You won’t like it much.

~Grammer, Eldritch Overlord of the Space Around You,

Good vs. Evil

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Some time ago,  I was made aware of a habit it would seem  a lot of gamers have (at least gamers I know, I can’t speak for everyone).

Many games nowadays have a morality system. It might not be all that refined, but it tends to encourage certain kinds of behaviour. What I have seen is that a lot of gamers will play through the game as a good guy. why they do this, I don’t know. Possibly wants to feel nice,  or something like that. So they clear the game and get the good guy ending, all very well.

And then they start playing the game.

What do I mean by that? Once the game is cleared, you start a new game, but this time, you play as evil. This time,  the point isn’t to clear the game, but to have fun with it. When you play as a good guy, you have to limit yourself. No killing innocents, no hurting dogs, no burning of orphans. You have to care about what 3d persons on your screen think about you. When you’re evil… well, those people are just pixels, you know.

in short, evil is more fun.

Ironically, the game that shows this best (at least in my experience, I’m sure there’s others out there) is one without a morality system. I am speaking of Prototype. In that game, you are pretty much plain evil, if only due to the collateral damage from your attacks. And it’s possibly the most entertaining game I’ve played.

Evil is the way to go, bitches.