It’s not exactly a secret that I’m quite into the fine little sub-culture known as anime, or quite a few other weird things that come out of Japan. Anyway, part of the sub-culture are these two things called Conventions and Cosplay. While I quite enjoy the convention bit, I’m far too lazy to do any cosplay. Exactly. I don’t have any problem dressing up, it’s just all that buggering about costumes that throws me. Which is why the few times I’ve done it, I’ve just done simple stuff.

However, looking into the things I’m actually a fan of, what would be fun is a genderbendt Marisa Kirisame costume. (That means I’d do a male version of the witch, you buggers!) I quite like the character, since she’s essentially a klepto who solves things by blasting them with a giant laser. Or multiple lasers, as the case might be. Added bonus, the costume mostly involves things that are easy to find, ie. a white shirt, black vest (of a somewhat peculiar design, it’s the only bit that would require work), black pants (prolly suit pants), a white apron and a big with hat with a big, white ribbon. Oh, and I’d have to grow out the hair around my left ear so it’s long enough to braid, and colour it blond. It’s something to look into, and maybe finish towards London EXPO in October. So yeah, forward planning, for once =D


One Response to “Cosplay.”

  1. amberbiesinger Says:

    Ok, only a few months late..

    I hope when/if you do this, we get pictures. I honestly can’t see you cosplaying, but am willing to be proved wrong.

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