Uni life.

Ok, it’ been a while since last I did this. Didn’t really mean for it to be that long, but, well, things happened.

For one, I’m not “home” anymore, I’m at university. Aberystwyth University, to be exact.

Classes are nice, since it’s the start of the first year, things aren’t too hard, though I suspect they’ll be picking up soon enough. There’s an anime society here, which is absolutely awesome! And there’s a few others too, so I get off my ass and out among people several times a week. Yes, that’s a good thing.’

And finally, I’m learning to play bass.  I’m not very good yet, but I’m improving. And it’s fun to boot.



2 Responses to “Uni life.”

  1. Good to see you blogging Grammer.

    Just get some sleep sometime please?

    • vilegrimoire Says:

      Haha, yeah it happens, every now and then.

      I usually sleep as much as I need. That one 30+ hour run was a bit of a fluke >.<
      And an argument against absinthe.

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